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Rock Excavation Solutions
KSQ Technologies (Beijing) Co. Ltd. is a diversified enterprise based in Beijing, China, offering a portfolio of products that help contribute to a better bottom line and increase workplace safety for the construction and mining industries.


Rock Drilling Tools

Tools for the drilling professionals...


MIROC® Rock Drilling Tools offers the best in cost and performance. Our catalog includes information on:

  • Top Hammer Drilling Tools
  • Integral Drill Rods
  • Tapered Drilling Tools
  • Down-the-hole (DTH) Drilling Tools


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Mining Equipment

Engineered to your specifications... built beyond your expectations...

ROXMECH® Rock Excavation Equipment for Underground Mining and Tunneling

  • Load-Haul-Dump Machines
  • Low Profile Dump Trucks
  • Service Vehicles
  • Special Engineered Equipment


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