ROXMECH® Rock Excavation Equipment


ROXMECH®, by KSQ Technologies (Beijing) Co. Ltd., is a product line consisting of specialized equipment for use in underground mining and tunneling works, such as Load-Haul-Dumpers (LHDs), Low Profile Trucks (LPTs), Scissors Lift, Transmixers, Service Vehicles, and Personnel Carriers. ROXMECH® was developed through years of exchanges and hands-on work with mining operations in China and some parts of the world where mining is the lifeblood of the economy.

Ready to meet the harsh rigors of underground mining and tunneling works

ROXMECH® machines are built for the harsh rigors of underground mining:

  • Fabricated frames and structural components that meet the highest standards in the mining industry
  • Genuine components from well-known brands for very high productivity and reliability
  • Heavy-duty articulations, mounts and links
  • Simple yet very robust electrical systems
  • Very efficient and reliable hydraulic systems
  • Well designed ergonomics for the comfort and convenience of operators
  • Well designed maintenance areas and practical solutions for the common trouble spots, giving convenience to maintenance personnel and to reduce downtime
  • Top priority on SAFETY

In every product we build, our reputation and experience can be seen. That’s the reason to choose ROXMECH® if you are looking to improve your productivity and reduce costs.

KSQ Technologies (Beijing) Co. Ltd., through its ROXMECH® brand, offers an extensive line of production and production support equipment built around the principles of safety, productivity, and reliability.

Underground Hard Rock Excavation Development and Production Machines

  • RL-1 Load Haul Dump Machine
  • RL-1.5 Load Haul Dump Machine
  • RL-2 Load Haul Dump Machine
  • RL-3 Load Haul Dump Machine
  • RT-12 Low Profile Dump Truck

Underground Production Support Equipment

  • RT-5 Multi-Role Support Machine




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